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Athletic success depends on more than your physical well-being. Sharpen your mental performance with sport-specific approaches from the experts at Sanford Sports.

Train Your Brain

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Training for Athletes, Coaches and Leaders

Athletes, coaches and corporate leaders at every level can benefit from developing and maintaining a strong mental approach to their sport or profession. All training programs from Sanford Sports offer mental performance support to keep athletes and leaders at the top of their game. 

Our training services include drills and exercise that help you:

  • Boost confidence and build resilience
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Manage anxiety and in-game stressors
  • Learn new coping mechanisms
  • Overcome mental barriers

Learn about our in-person or virtual mental performance specialty services.

Individual Training

Work one-on-one with our coaches and trainers to reach new levels of performance. We’ll develop a mental performance training program that is designed to help you overcome your unique mental barriers and reach your full athletic potential. Training is open to athletes of all ages.

Small Groups and Teams

Training with a small group or your team offers motivation, accountability and camaraderie. Our sports performance team will create a program that challenges and drives your group to overcome obstacles and improve mental performance. We’ll empower your group with tailored coaching that raises every member to new athletic heights.

Set up individual or group mental performance trainings by contacting our performance team.

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When it comes to recovery after a sports-related injury, our sports performance psychology specialists can help you identify mental obstacles and create a plan tailored to your condition.

Contact our performance team to set up mental performance trainings.

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Our sports performance team provides coach-specific training that enhances your leadership and teaching abilities. We focus both on how you prepare your players and yourself as well as how you handle in-game situations.

Set up coach-specific mental performance trainings by contacting our performance team.

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How you choose to handle pressure and how your responses to stress are developed determines your performance as a leader. Our mental performance team will teach you skills that build confidence, reduce anxiety and help you perform under pressure.

Contact our performance team to schedule leadership-specific mental performance trainings.

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Why Choose Sanford Sports

Whatever you need as an athlete, you can find it here. You'll work with a whole team of experts – all using the latest technology and techniques and backed by a major health system. Get the sport-specific training you need to dominate in competition.

Our programs go beyond athletic skills. We teach valuable lessons related to teamwork, community and leadership that endure in and out of play. Pursue excellence in the game and beyond with Sanford Sports.

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