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Your work doesn’t end after a successful training session. Learn how proper workout recovery empowers you to perform at your best.

Our Post-Workout Services

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You’re always ready and willing to jump into the next workout or competition – but your body might not be. Proper workout recovery can change that.

We’re committed to helping you recover faster, decrease muscle soreness and fight fatigue. Explore our recovery services and send us a message or call a location near you to learn about available workout recovery services.

Dry needling is a hands-on approach to relieve muscle strains, back pain, neck pain and chronic muscle soreness. This technique uses dry needles – needles that aren’t used for injections – to target sore or sensitive tissues.

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Blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy gives you all the benefits of a high-intensity workout from a low-intensity one. This service helps you safely keep up with your training while recovering from an injury or surgery.

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Normatec recovery systems use dynamic air compression to massage limbs. This technology promotes blood flow, removes metabolic waste and decreases pain and inflammation after a workout.

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Complete a vibrating foam roller session before or after your workout. Foam rolling enhances your recovery by decreasing pain, reducing muscle tightness, promoting mobility and improving blood flow.

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Taping is a simple way to help your body heal. We offer a variety of taping techniques to support and stabilize your muscles, joints and soft tissues.

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The food you use for fuel impacts your workout recovery. Get more out of your training sessions with personalized nutrition strategies from the experts.

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Enhance your speed, power and recovery with expert guidance. Find a local sports performance program designed to enhance your overall athletic performance.

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