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Sports Academy

Athlete hitting a baseball off of a tee while practicing



Improve your performance through a metric-driven baseball development program.

Program highlights:

  • Work with experienced baseball coaches at the Ben Berg Baseball Academy to develop your skills year-round
  • Use the latest technology to analyze your movement and identify how you can improve your technique
  • Work with a team that includes experts in strength and conditioning, sports medicine and sports science
Softball player getting ready to hit a softball



Learn how to start and finish strong on the diamond and perform at your best.

Program highlights:

  • Our expert team of full-time coaches helps you improve your skills all year at outdoor and indoor facilities
  • Access to advanced technology to evaluate how you move and how you could improve
  • A team approach that includes experts in strength and conditioning, sports medicine and sports science
Hockey athlete working on stickhandling and shooting



Work with the pros in a program tailored to the unique demands of ice hockey.

Program highlights:

  • On-ice player and skill development
  • Training to improve your stickhandling and shooting
  • Evaluations using a specialized ice hockey treadmill


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Sports Performance

Performance Training

Choose an athletic development program that isn’t one-size-fits-all. Sanford Sports offers personalized training to help you reach excellence and get results.

Speed & Agility Training

Fine-tune your mechanics and become faster with personalized training.

Strength Training

Build power and explosiveness with our sport-specific strength training program.

Endurance Training

Work with a program designed to boost stamina and improve cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

Sports Physical Therapy

Get back in the action as quickly and safely as possible after an injury.

Explore Performance

Performance Lab

Get personalized recommendations from the experts. Our team will match you with research-backed services that pinpoint how you can improve as an athlete. 

Sports Nutrition

Learn how to adjust your nutrition to optimize your performance during training, competition and recovery.

Mental Performance

Overcome mental barriers and build your confidence with sport-specific approaches from the experts.


Learn how proper workout recovery leads to gains in training and results in competition.

Performance Testing

Our evaluations use cutting-edge technology to identify how you can boost your performance.

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