Assortment of fresh produce

The benefits of eating in-season produce

Summer is around the corner, and many people are looking forward to fresh produce. Learn how eating seasonal fruits and veggies can benefit your health, your wallet and your local economy.

Female athlete showing proper lunge form

How proper lunge form improves athletic performance

Learn proper lunge form and different variations to get these benefits and reach your performance goals.

ice hockey

Training tips for hockey players to level up their game

Learn about the benefits of performance training with Sanford Sports and take your hockey skills to the next level.

Adult using foam roller on thigh inside a gym

How foam rolling benefits performance recovery

Foam rolling is a technique used by athletes to alleviate muscle tightness, improve flexibility and enhance recovery. Learn more about how these benefits will impact your performance when added to your warm-up and cool-down routines.

Image of an MMA event at the Sanford Pentagon

Professional Fighters League (PFL) coming to the Sanford Pentagon

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) will make its South Dakota debut at the Sanford Pentagon in June. Ahead of the event, learn about the league and how to get tickets.

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