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Push yourself to do and achieve more with advanced training from Sanford Sports. We’ll design an athletic program just for you that meets the unique demands of your sport and training schedule.

Elite Training for Elite Athletes

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Your needs go beyond those of the average athlete. Whether you’re preparing to go pro or already leading the pack in a professional career, partner with Sanford Sports to crush the competition.

No matter the level you’re performing at, you can always improve. Find a personalized strength and conditioning program that can elevate your game and prevent injuries.

Your work doesn’t end after a successful training session or championship win. Explore our services for a science-backed approach to proper workout recovery.

Get a personalized nutrition plan to efficiently fuel your body. The sports dietitians at Sanford Sports work one-on-one with athletes at all levels.

Sharpen your mental focus and reduce distractions. Work with a specialist to develop a strong mental approach for competition and beyond.

Approach your sport like a science. Biomechanical evaluations and training dive into how the way you move impacts your performance and health.

One day. One location.

As you prepare for the next level, get all your physical exams, preventive tests and screenings done in one day. Contact our team today to schedule yours. 

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Enhance your speed, power and recovery with expert guidance. Find a local sports performance program designed to enhance your overall athletic performance.

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