Unveiling the top performances: highlights from our High School Football Combine

Welcome to our high school football combine event, where premier athletes from the region come together to showcase their skills and performances to college coaches from Division 1AA, D2, and NAIA schools. Our combine testing includes essential drills such as the 40-yard dash, 10-yard dash, pro agility, vertical jump, and broad jump. Let's dive into the top performances in each of these tests across different positions through the years.

Overview of Combine Testing

Combine testing plays a crucial role in evaluating the athleticism and potential of football players. The selected tests provide insights into an athlete's speed, agility, and explosiveness, all essential qualities for success on the football field.

Top Performances by Test and Position:

40-Yard Dash: The 40-yard dash is a classic test of raw speed, and our athletes did not disappoint. From quarterbacks to defensive backs, here are the top 10 performances in the 40-yard dash:

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10-Yard Dash: The 10-yard dash measures an athlete's initial burst and acceleration, critical for quick position changes on the field. Here are the standout performers in the 10-yard dash across different positions:

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Pro Agility: The pro agility drill, also known as the 5-10-5 shuttle, assesses an athlete's lateral quickness and change of direction. Let's take a look at the top performers in the pro agility drill:

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Vertical Jump: A high vertical jump demonstrates an athlete's explosiveness and ability to win jump balls or contest passes. Here are the top performers in the vertical jump across various positions:

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Broad Jump: The broad jump measures an athlete's lower-body power and explosiveness, essential for generating force on the field. Let's highlight the top performers in the broad jump:

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These top performances offer valuable insights into the athleticism and potential of the athletes participating in our combine. Standout performances in specific tests can catch the attention of college coaches and influence recruiting decisions. Trends and patterns observed across positions may indicate areas of strength or areas for improvement for aspiring football players.

The high school football combine is not just a showcase of athletic prowess but also an opportunity for athletes to demonstrate their dedication and commitment to the game. We're proud to present the top performances in key combine tests and look forward to witnessing the future success of these talented individuals on the football field.

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