Sanford Strong provides opportunities for fitness following physical therapy

A new Sanford Sports program in Bismarck is helping people with disabilities stay active and reach their fitness goals.

Sanford Strong customizes exercise and activity programs to create new, exciting opportunities for patients who’ve experienced complex injuries. The program recognizes that while discharge from physical therapy is a massive milestone, it’s rarely the end of the recovery journey.

Sanford Strong bridges the gap between traditional therapy and adaptive training. It equips participants to become more confident and independent.

The program offers the following services:

  • Traditional therapy: Under the direction of an occupational therapist, participants work toward increasing functional independence by improving endurance, strength, range of motion and balance.
  • One-on-one training: Participants work alongside an occupational therapist or adaptive training specialist who designs workouts based on the individual’s needs. One-on-one sessions combine the knowledge and understanding of both the therapy and training processes to help participants reach levels of independence they didn’t know were possible.
  • Group training: Under the instruction of an occupational therapist or adaptive training specialist and certified strength and conditioning specialists, exercises are adapted for participants of all ability levels. Group fitness provides outlets for individuals to share their stories and support one another to become the best version of themselves.

Sanford Strong is here to help everyone reach their fitness goals, no matter their abilities. Contact Sanford Sports to learn more about signing up for this program.


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