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Sioux Falls Baseball Tournaments

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Looking for tournaments?

We have a great facility – the Sanford Diamonds – that opened late in 2022. All playing surfaces are FieldTurf and every field has lights, a scoreboard and live-streaming cameras. Every tournament has a four-game guarantee. Umpires will be provided for all games. Age determination date is May 1. Sanford Health certified athletic trainers provide coverage at all tournaments.

Registration for all tournaments is OPEN. Registration does not guarantee entry.

You will receive confirmation once payment is received. Teams are accepted in the order their payments are received.

USSSA Sanctioned Tournaments

  • Summer Slugfest (10U-14U): May 11-12
  • Turf Showdown Tournament (10U-14U): June 21-23
  • Pastime Classic Tournament (10U-14U): July 5-7

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High School Tournaments

  • Extra Inning Invitational (15U-18U): June 7-9
  • Diamond Days Tournament (15U-18U): July 12-14

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Each field at the Sanford Diamonds is equipped with two MuscoVision live-streaming cameras.

MuscoVision has established the rates below: 

1-day pass $6.99
3-day pass $14.99
7-day pass $19.99
30-day pass $24.99

For technical support, call MuscoVision at (844) 434-0587.

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  • All payment must be made with this registration/online. Your team will not be allowed to participate in the tournament until payment is received.
  • Registration and payment deadlines: Three weeks prior to a tournament date. No teams will be accepted past this point unless decided upon by the tournament director in order to fill divisions.
  • Refunds will be made up to the tournament deadline (three weeks prior to the event). If a tournament is canceled due to inclement weather teams will be fully refunded.
  • Weather: Any delays or cancellations will be made by the tournament director. If a tournament is cancelled due to weather, refunds will be issued.
  • Based on the number of teams registered, divisions may be combined.
  • All tournaments have a four game guarantee.
  • Tournaments will start at 8 a.m. Please be prepared to play at any time. We try to make accommodations for traveling teams, but we do not guarantee meeting scheduling needs.
  • Two umpires provided per game. For 12U and younger, there will only be 1 umpire per field per game.
  • Baseballs will be provided for games. Teams are permitted to bring their own warm-up balls.
  • Bats: Please refer to the NFHS rules for 15U-18U and USSSA rules for 14U and younger.
  • A certified trainer will be available at the ticket building.
  • No metal spikes allowed.
  • Baseball will play six inning games for 12U and younger.
  • Time limit for 14U and younger is one hour and forty minutes (finish the inning).
  • 13U-18U will play seven innings with a time limit of 120 minutes or two hours (finish the inning). No time limit for championship play in any age division.


1. Head-to-head

2. Runs allowed ratio: The number of runs allowed divided by the number of innings played.


  • Their own uniforms with clearly marked numbers.
  • An official score keeper or timer/scoreboard operator for each game.


  • Age date is May 1 of the current year. Example, in the 14U division, if a player turns 15 prior to May 1 of the current season would not be eligible for the 14U division (unless they are in 8th grade). Please refer to USSSA Baseball Age Classification Chart.
  • Teams and athletes must be registered in the grade division that their oldest athlete was enrolled during the current school year.
  • Athletes must have been in the grade this year to play in a designated division.
  • Athletes may move up a division but may not play in a lower grade division if they were not enrolled in that grade during the school year.

No outside food or drink. Refillable water bottles and coffees are permitted.

  • All tobacco products are prohibited, including e-cigarettes and vapes.
  • No outside alcohol is allowed to be carried onto the Complex.
  • All game balls will be provided. Teams are allowed to bring in their own warm-up balls.
  • No metal spikes allowed. Players must have molded cleats or turf shoes.
  • Live video streaming is not prohibited, but it must be done in a respectful manner. We ask you to not obstruct the view of any other spectators. Streaming devices are not allowed to hang on the backstop netting. The Sanford Diamonds offers a live stream through MuscoVision.
  • WiFi access is available for no charge on the Sanford Guest network. No password is required.
  • All video recording and photography must be done on the concourse and will not be allowed on team benches or in dugouts.
  • Lost children will be escorted by staff to the main ticket building located directly east of Great Shots.
  • Lost and found items will be kept at the ticket building.
  • Animals are permitted at the Sanford Diamonds. Pets must be leashed and cleaned up after.
  • Strollers are permitted.
  • Bag and stadium chairs are permitted.
  • Portable AED units are located at the ticket office and both concessions buildings.
  • The Sanford Health Media Relations team provides public relations services to working members of the media. Journalists should always work with a member of the media relations team to coordinate interviews, photos and/or video by calling the 24-Hour Media Line: (605) 366-2432.
  • Rules for photography and use of recording devices differ with each event and are determined in the sole discretion of Sanford Sports Complex event staff.
  • Parties seeking to take photographs or videos for commercial purposes must seek written approval from the Sanford Sports Complex staff at least 3 business days in advance. To request commercial access, call the event director at (605) 312-7900.
  • For additional camera/recording device policies concerning a specific event please contact event management at (605) 312-7900.


  • When the heat index is in the extreme danger category (red), games and warmups will be suspended. We will resume game activities only when it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  • When the heat index is in the danger category (orange), there will be a 5-minute break at the end of the 2nd and 4th innings.
  • We will use NOAA temperature, relative humidity and heat index readings from the nearest available location.

Code of Conduct
The Sanford Diamonds will strive to provide a competitive, safe, and quality atmosphere for players, coaches, fans, and umpires. It is expected that everyone will follow the rules of the game, respect umpires and opposing teams, and maintain good sportsmanship. If a patron is causing a disturbance to the game or other spectators, at the discretion of the event supervisor, they may be asked to exit the facility. We do enforce a zero tolerance policy.

Respect the Refs
Referees ensure every game is played safely and by the rules. Without officials, games simply could not happen. Please always treat these professionals with respect and good sportsmanship.

Please call (605) 312-7900 for more information.

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