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About the Sanford Sports Complex

This is Sanford's Home Turf.

Sanford Health’s Mission is to improve the Human Condition and what better place to do that than the Sanford Sports Complex? Sports teach us about living healthy, and the lessons we learn on the field, on the court, and in the games are the very values of Sanford Health itself.  Passion, Energy and Commitment drive every great athlete, and we're using this same passion, energy and commitment to help the people of our region reach their goals and obtain their dreams. This begins by giving them the opportunity and resources to stay healthy, improve, develop and pursue their dreams.

Basketball. Football. Baseball. Softball. Hockey. Tennis. Volleyball. Soccer. Wrestling. And more. If it involves kicking, running, jumping, hitting, catching, skating, shooting and scoring, you’ll be able to do it at the Sanford Sports Complex. With nearly 500 acres dedicated to pursuing excellence in personal and team fitness, POWER training, competition, sports medicine, athletic science research and retail and hospitality – we’re changing the way sports and health care unite.

We’re committed to the health of everyone in our region, young and old. Rural and urban. This includes giving them the opportunities and the resources to stay healthy. By applying the science of health care to the arena of sports, the Sanford Sports Complex will serve our region in three important ways: Access, Education, and Economic Development.

Sanford Sports Complex
2210 W. Pentagon Place
Sioux Falls, SD 57107